DOUBLE DOWN Liquid Flavoring & Attractant

DOUBLE DOWN Liquid Flavoring & Attractant

Jackson Bros. Feed

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  • 12 OZ Bottle

For the first time ever… Double Down Deer Feeds proprietary attractants are now available in a concentrated liquid form!


All natural attractant, formulated with a strong powerful aroma for long range results that will draw deer in and a flavor profile that will keep them coming back! Created by Team Double Down to be applied to…

Corn, Cottonseed, Protein, Soybean, Peas, Natural Browse and Foliage.

Also great In & Around Rub and Scrape Areas. Active Deer Trails & Much More!

 If you are looking to draw deer in or simply wanting to boost consumption, this is for you! Did I mention it’s a great cover scent as well!


Field Tested, with proven results.


"By Hunters For Hunters”