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MoorMan’s® ShowTec® MoorGrands™ Goat Feed RU

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® MoorGrands™ Goat Feed RU


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MoorMan’s® ShowTec® MoorGrands™ Goat Feed RU 

  • Nutritionally balanced protein-energy-vitamin-mineral feed for genetically superior show goats
  • 15.5% protein, 3% fat, no more than 10% crude fiber and 10-20 ppm copper
  • Stabilized rice bran for energy, antioxidant and essential fatty acids
  • CitriStim®, an ADM proprietary feed ingredient that may favorably impact the gut microbial population
  • Prosponse® yeast for feed palatability and digestibility
  • Direct fed microbial for positive effect on nutrient digestion
  • Ammonium chloride to help lessen the likelihood of urinary calculi in male goats
  • Vitamin E and selenium for immune and antioxidant benefits and to help lower the likelihood of white muscle disease
  • Medicated with monensin for prevention of coccidiosis
  • Feed 3 lb per 100 lb of body weight daily
  • Highly palatable, texturized feed; 50-lb bag
To complete the feeding phase and achieve the desired amount of cover or to compensate for stress during any period of the feeding program, top-dress ration with 8-16 oz of Fast Fat per 100-lb body weight per head daily.
Show goats should be fed a minimum of 2 oz #1 Mineral Supplement daily or 2 oz per 100-lb body weight per head daily
Refer to product labels for complete feeding directions.