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Duke Coil Spring Trap # 1 3/4 CS

Duke Coil Spring Trap # 1 3/4 CS

Duke Traps

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Model: 0475
Jaw Spread: 5.25”
Target: Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon

Coil Spring Traps are foot-hold restraining devices used to catch and hold wild animals. This style of trap has been in use since the early part of the 20th century and is widely accepted as a cost effective and efficient tool for managing wildlife populations. Coil Spring Traps are manufactured of steel components and powered by a set of compact coil springs. Models range from the small #1 CS with a 4" jaw spread for Mink to the larger #4 CS 4X with a 6.5" jaw spread for Coyote. Duke also offers three models of humane rubber padded jaw traps for Fox and Coyote.