Top Of The Rockies Alfalfa Pellets

Top Of The Rockies

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OP OF THE ROCKIES Alfalfa Pellets can be used to replace part of the forage in the diet or to augment the protein level and quality in rations utilizing poor to fair quality hay or pasture for large animals.  Because they don't have the long-stem fiber, pellets cannot replace hay, but they can be used in conjunction with feeding cubes or beet pulp to safely replace hay for long-stem forage.  Our TOP OF THE ROCKIES Alfalfa Pellets has excellent feeding value for all ages of cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, game birds, and horses.  Some of the advantages of feeding alfalfa pellets are consistent nutrient quality, ease of handling, allowing owners to regulate feed intake, and reduced exposure to dust and mold.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein, not less than 15%
Crude fat, not less than 2%
Crude fiber, not less than 33%

Size: ¼" each

Feeding Instructions

Please consult your veterinarian or nutritionist to develop a complete nutritional and health care program for your animal.